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Medicaid Waiver Grant Distributions

Updated: June 14, 2023


Wesley Manor, as a Medicaid Waiver provider under its Assisted Living program qualified to receive Direct Service Workforce Investment Grants from the Indiana Family & Social Services Administration, (FSSA). Distribution of this grant began in February of 2022. Grants received to date are as follows:


  $42,237.61 02-24-2022
  $6,153.43 03-24-2022
  $20,356.74 01-31-2023
  $11,806.74 02-27-2023
  $11,806.74 06-01-2023
  $92,361.26 Total


Wesley Manor has utilized 100% of this grant money to directly benefit its Direct Service Workforce in the form of wage increases implemented in April of 2022 and again in September of 2022, as well as enhanced employee benefits.